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i´m in love with proteus

Posted by
daniela (Berlin, Germany) on 7 April 2013 in Miscellaneous.

Sry guys, i wasn´t up to getting anything caught on sensor due to the weather here (and holidays).
Instead I got into games - again. I rediscovered some of my very old games, some new ( eg Sword&Sworcery, totally retro, excellent fun, I´m sad I already through with it...) and now it is Proteus.

If you read some reviews online (and the comments there) there are a lot of people out there, who don´t think this is a game by definition. It lacks achievements in the classical gaming experience. There´s no goal, no winner, nothing to beat or destroy. (By all means, that´s not what I would consider a game either...^^)

So what.
I enjoy it.
It is very relaxing, walking around fearlessly around your island, no predator hiding behind the next corner, bush, tree, whatever.
Yesterday night I had another playthrough (maybe 1,5 hrs), it may have been the 4th or 5th - and evertime I discovered new stuff. It is a game, where you can´t interact in the usual way, you can´t touch anything (as if you could in other ganes^^), you can´t collect anything, you can walk around, chase animals, see (and make!) the seasons change, enjoy the sights and - very recommended - just sit down in a spot you like (pressing the spacebar) and watch and listen. Sometimes things happen if you just sit down and watch.

The sound and the music you hear by walking around will change by your movements. you can explore the source of the sound - for everything on your island does produce sound. Not always pleasant tbh but always making me curious.

It is not a static game, quite the contrary , verything changes constantly, the colours get more intensive or fade, the environment moves like real environment does by the wind - the graphic isn´t what I expected to make me feel so excited about this game - and that´s what making me really think.
The graphics are so very simple, almost like minecraft but more pleasant.
It´s hard to grab why the look of this pixeled landscape makes me so happy.
But it does. :)

Btw - my youngest son totally gets it - the fun in not having to achieve anything in a game but just exploring and enjoying sights and sound.

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